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Project Title: Destiny Among the Mountains
Completion Date: Sep 2016
Release Date: July 2017
Running Time:  1 hr 30 min
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 (16x9 VIDEO)
Color: Color
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language: Chinese
[ Directed by ] :Yuan Hua
[ Cast ]
Sina Chen as Ting Xiao
Hong Xiao as bo Luo
Bolong Mao  as  Xiaojun Zhang
Kachu Lan  as Xiaofeng Du
Siyan Chen as Yi Wang
[ Crew ]
Screenplay:  Mi Yang
Cinematographer: Huajian Yang
Editor:Fang Yuan
Production Designer: Gang Peng
Sound Director: Liuqing Tu
Music: Chuan Cheng
Producer: Yang
[ Production Company ]
Sichuan Huatai Feiya Film & TV Cultural Communication Co., Ltd
Shanghai Siyu Cultural Communication Studio
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
[ Logline ]
A sophisticated writer from the city falls in love with a simple Tibetan ranger. 
Can their love survive his death and her return to modern urban life?
[ Story ]
Xiao Ting, a writer based in Chengdu, falls in love with Luo Bo, a forest ranger while visiting a remote Tibetan area collecting material for her writing. Luo Bo is injured and thrown into a raging river by poachers and, believing that he is dead, Xiao Ting returns to her old life in the city. 
When Luo Bo unexpectedly turns up alive and well a year later, Xiao Ting is engaged to Zhang Xiaojun, an old classmate recently returned from America. 
After many trials and tribulations, Zhang Xiaojun realizes the depth of Xiao Ting’s love and releases her from their relationship and encourages her to return to Luo Bo.
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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
2nd Hubei Film Week - Excellence Prize
International Awards of Excellence Winner, Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality (2017)
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[ Contact (International) ] Yang Mi
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Sichuan Huatai Feiya Film & TV Cultural Communication Co., Ltd
Shanghai Siyu Cultural Communication Studio
No. 15, Xinhua Road, Xincheng District Ya'an, Sichuan, China
Tel: +86 18728155720
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Drama, Romance 
Huan Yuan
Huan Yuan born on July 19, 1965, male, the scriptwriter and director of Beijing Huayu Daye Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
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Never Old
Leading Actor
Sina Chen: born on Sep. 2, 1988, female, an actress of Shanghai Film Group. She was born on Sep. 2, 1988 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, and graduated from Shanghai Normal University. In 2010, she was an actress in the ancient costume drama “Golden Sand” and in September 2011, she joined in the revolutionary TV series “The Dawn of the Remote City”. On August 1, 2014, she was the leading role in “Legend of Didao” and then in 2015 she was the protagonist is the love film “Transfer”.
Tel:+86 18628169100
Yang Mi: Born on October14, 1962. He is a postgraduate of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and a trainer of the fifth senior seminar of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, a member of China Film Association, a member of the Sichuan Film Association Council, a member of Writer Association of Sichuan Province and Musicians Association of Sichuan Province. He participated in the production of film “Love Needs No Promise”, “The World”, “The Story of Yucheng”, “Love Has No Border”, “Triple Change” and so forth. Among them, “The Story of Yucheng” was recommended as the excellent films by the State Administration Radio Film and Television in 2013. In 2014, it was listed in the First Belt and Road - International Film Festival and Beijing Youth Film Festival sponsored by SARFT and Shaanxi Provincial Government. “Love Has No Border” is also listed the first Belt and Road - International Film Festival (we have two out of ten Chinese films) and has become the film for Sino-Africa Cultural Exchange and cultural exchange with foreign countries.
Tel:+86 18728155720