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  • 电梯恶魔
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Project Title: Abyss
Completion Date: December 2016
Release Date: March 22, 2017
Running Time: 70 minutes
Genre: Criminal thriller
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Color: Colour
Screening Format: HD
Original Language: Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Pan hai bo
[ Cast ]
Zhao long hao as li fang qing
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Xue qian
Cinematographer:Ding jie
Editor:Cai xin
Production Designer: Zhang xue you
Sound Director: Zhu yun hao 
Music: Ya mao
Producer:Xu xiao lei
[ Production Company ]
Xuzhou ice Pictures Film Culture Media Co. Ltd.
[ Distributor ] Xuzhou ice Pictures Film Culture Media Co. Ltd.
[ Production Studio ]
Xuzhou ice Pictures Film Culture Media Co. Ltd.
[ Logline ]
[ Story ]
The actor on the way home from work, being followed, and was stunned, woke up and found himself being tied up trapped in a shabby elevator. After a series of struggles, the hero failed to call for help, but he received a phone call from the kidnappers. The actor surprised the kidnappers by accident and knew he had to act on the kidnapper's request or his daughter would be kidnapped. He agreed to make a series of publicly owned scandals behind the scenes, and then tried to contact the police by using the opportunity to contact the station. After a meal of torture and communication, the man confessed mastermind behind, but could not use radio rescue. The male chief was killed in a fight with the kidnappers, but the man was contacted by the police. However, in the moment before the rescue, the elevator at the top of the elevator began to fall down......
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
Xuzhou ice Pictures Film Culture Media Co. Ltd.
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Pan Haibo, graduated from Beijing Film Academy, the first feature film