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Project Title: Parents
Completion Date:2016
Release Date: 2017
Running Time:90min
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85
Color: color
Screening Format:DCP
Original Language:Chinese
[ Directed by ] : William Dhawan
[ Cast ]
Luo Guangxu as father
Feng Jun as mother
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Ruan Xiao /William Dhawan
Cinematographer:Tiger Tsal
Editor: Xi Yanxiang
Production Designer: Lolent Liu
Sound Director: Ma Sicong
Music: Eisuke Mochizuk
Producer: Terry T.Chor
[ Production Company ]
Sayinayi media & communication Co. Ltd
[ Distributor ]
Sayinayi media & communication Co. Ltd
[ Production Studio ]
Sayinayi media & communication Co. Ltd
[ Logline ]
The first film in China about Chinese-style parents and familial care in the final chapter of life.
[ Story ]
Grandmaster painter and calligrapher, Song Zhi Shan longs to pass his expertise on to his son Song Yu. His son’s choice to pursue a career in make-up artistry, however, has driven a wedge between them.
Song Zhi Shan resigns himself to a life of quiet retirement with his wife Dai Bing Zhen. When a sudden illness grips Dai Bing Zhen and slowly erodes their independence, their disagreement over their son only intensifies the growing pressure. Is it right to ask him to surrender the pursuit of his dreams for their sake?
As her condition worsens, Song Yu returns home, forcing them all to re-evaluate what it means to be a family. As the relationship between father and son improves, they begin to learn to understand one another – but there are some things they can’t change...
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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
5th Vancouver Chinese Film Festival/Best Female Actor
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards/Best Foreign
Gvlf of Naples Independent Film Festival/Best Director
Gvlf of Naples Independent Film Festival/Best Feature Film
Cordoba Independent Film Festival/Nominated films
Barcelona Film Festival/Nominated films
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[ Contact (International) ]
Terry T.Chor
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Sayinayi media & communication Co. Ltd
add: C 3001 Wanda Plaza Tongzhou Dist., Beijing, China
tel: +86 18211088807
Genres: Feature
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William Dhawan
William Dhawan has multi-cultural life experience. Born in Hong Kong to an Indian father and Chinese mother, he studied in Canada for twelve years before returning to China in 2002 to start his career in film. With almost two decades {of experience} in the film industry and received accolades in China.
William says that although he did not grow up in a traditional Chinese family, the term “Parents” has always had profound meaning for him, whether in Hong Kong, Canada, or China. Whether living overseas or living in China, parents will shoulder any burden to give their children happiness, joy, prosperity, and hope for the future.
Terry T.Chor
2001-Sayinayi(Beijing)Media & Communication Co. Ltd:Chairman
2004-Sayinayi Nature Reserve:Chairman
2005-Sayinayi(Yunnan)Tourism Development Co., Ltd:Chairman
2014-2017China International First Film Festival:Executive Chairman
2017-Zijin Teen International Short Film Festival:Executive Chairman
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2016《 The Golden Doll》
2017《 Parents》