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Project Title:That year eight years old
Completion Date: 2017-7
Release Date:
Running Time: 90min
Genre: Feature
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.78
Screening Format:Digital
Original Language: Chinese
Subtitle English & Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Yang Jin
[ Cast ]
Luo Jingmin  as  Mr.Wu
Du Junhao   as   Xiao Xiao
Qiu lin   as   Xiao Xiao's father
Lv Yaping   as   Xiao Xiao's stepmother
Jiao Ni   as   Xiao Xiao's mother
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Lin Heping
Cinematographer: Lv Songye
Editor:Fang Tao
Production Designer: Ma Dadi
Sound Director: Yan Peiguo
Music: Liu Jia
Producer:Cao Yi   Wu Hao
[ Production Company ]
China Movie Channel /BeiJing XinLiboying Culture Communication CO.,Ltd
 [ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
BeiJing XinLiboying Culture Communication CO.,Ltd
[ Logline ]
"Fortune-teller" and "xiao xiao", from strangers to boycotts, to the emotional stories of their loved ones.
 [ Story ]
When Xiao Xiao was eight years old, his father sold him to the blind fortune-teller, Mr. Wu, to be his guide. In an era of famine, the old and the young bond together. The film traces the touching trajectory from unfamiliarity and repulsion to a cross-generational bonding which is thicker than blood.
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Special recommendation of the 12th Chinese youth BBS organizing committee
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[ Contact (International) ]Li Guang
Copyright of the film belongs to:
BeiJing XinLiboying Culture Communication CO.,Ltd
add:(地址)Jinglong international B1201, 9 fulin road, chaoyang district, Beijing
Tel:+86 13581752862
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Yang Jin graduated in directing from the School of Art and Communication at Beijing Normal University. His first two films, The Black and White Milk Cow (2004) and Er Dong (2008), won many awards in international film festivals. His third film Don't Expect Praises (2012) was selected by the Berlin International Film Festival and won the Huabiao Award for Outstanding Children's Film. Mr. Yang is also an active cinematographer, whose works include Fly with the Crane (2012) and My Original Dream (2015).