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  • 《乌珠穆沁的孩子》海报3
  • 《乌珠穆沁的孩子》剧照1
  • 《乌珠穆沁的孩子》剧照2
  • 《乌珠穆沁的孩子》剧照3
Project Title: Kids Of Wuzhumuqin Town
Completion Date:November 23, 2015
Release Date:
Running Time:84 minutes
Genre: Mongolian children's story film
Aspect Ratio: 1:2.35
Color: Color
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language: Mongol
[ Directed by ] : Zhou Yupeng 、Liu Jun
[ Cast ]
Delhee as Delhee
Bayingburd as Chotu
Oyunsodo as Tuulaa
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Liu Jun
Cinematographer: Bao Dengxiang
Editor: Wang Ya’nang
Production Designer: Wang Shixing
Sound Director: Gao Yuan
Music: Soyalbatur
Producer: Feng Yiwei 、Yang Guizhen
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[ Story ]
The Synopsis of movie The Child of Ujumuqin
Tuola, the child of nomad adopted an unattended colt. The colt grew up under the care of Tuola. Two years later, the colt became a tall black horse and became the winner of the race meeting. The black horse became a close friend to Tuola. An accident happened, Tuola lost the black horse. He and his peers searched the whole valley during the holidays. Disasters pile up on one another, Tuola and his peers got lost in the grassland. Their family eventually found their kids through the untold hardship. When Tuola felt upset about his loss, the black horse came back with tired body.
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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
Best Kids Film Award, the 31st Golden Rooster Award (2017)
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Feng Yiwei and He Ya’nan
Copyright of the film belongs to:
add:Room 14016, HuiShang commercial plaza, north side of the south second ring road, saihan district, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
tel:+86 13674747888 and 15247102962
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Zhou Yupeng was born in 1958 in Tianjing, China. He started his career as an actor, being a member the Inner Mongolian Peking Opera Troupe. He left for Inner Mongolian Film Productions in 1977 and started to work as a film director in 1996. He is one of China’s “A-list” directors.
Mother’s Airfield (2016)
Kids Of Wuzhumuqin Town (2015)
Doctor in Gan’nan (2014)
Silent Past (2013)
The Life and Death of Golden Swan (2012)
The Story of the Village (2010)
Silent Beach (2009)
The Silent Girl, Hongxing (2007)
Wang Sha (2006)
The Son of Syynmagik (2005)
Nominated for Best Music, 25th Golden Rooster Award
8th Sarina Art Creation Award of Inner Mongolia (2006)
Presented at Beijing Minority Film Exhibition
Race to the Top (2004)
Mother (2002)
Nominated for 2003 Huabiao Film Festival
7th Sarina Art Creation Award of Inner Mongolia (2003)
Feng Yiwei was born in 1978 and graduated from the Dance Department, Art College of Inner Mongolian University in 2001. She was a weather forecast host for Inner Mongolian TV Station channels for more than three years. In 2000 she embarked on an acting career, appearing in fifteen different TV series and films between 2000 and 2006. In 2007, she entered film production and was also location manager for six films. In 2010, she appeared as the leading actress in two films and a TV series. She started to produce her own films in 2013.
Film title
Mother’s Airfield (2016)
Kids Of Wuzhumuqin Town (2015)
Silent Past (2013)
Great Wall (six-episode documentary: 2013)