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  • 老柳的女儿-海报
  • 老柳的女儿-剧照1
  • 老柳的女儿-剧照2
  • 老柳的女儿-剧照3
Project Title: Lao Liu’s Daughter
Completion Date: Mar 2016
Release Date:
Running Time:1 hr 30 min
Aspect Ratio:1.78 (16x9 VIDEO)
Color: Color
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language: Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Yi Huhe
[ Cast ]
Hao Wenting as Liumen
Zhang Guorong as Liuda
Su Yujie as Liu Baiying
Yang Genhe as Wei Kaihe
[ Crew ]
Screenplay: Zhang Bingyi, Yi Huhe
Cinematographer: Mu Shoulong
Editor: Liu Ning
Production Designer: Feng Yanqing
Sound Director: Guan Jian, Zhang Xiaonan
Music:  Sai Fu
Producer: Yi Huhe
[ Production Company ]
Inner Mongolia Yihe Film Culture Company
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ] Inner Mongolia Yihe Film Culture Company
[ Logline ]
Post-90s Agriculture graduate, Liu Meng, returns to simplicity of rural life, finding that a practical life is also a life which has poetry.
[ Story ]
Tensions soon arise when Liu Meng returns to her home village after graduating. The old ways of farming come head-to-head with new, uniform farming techniques, leading to both heart-rending and hilarious encounters between family members and old friends.
[ Official Site ]
[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
Best Supporting Actor Canada China Academy Film Award, 2017 Canada China International Film Festival
[ Countries / regions that have been sold ] N/A
[ Contact (International) ] Yi Huhe
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Inner Mongolia Yihe Film Culture Company
Room 7030, Building B, Tianhe Apartment,
Ordos East Street, Saihan District,
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China
tel: +86 (0)471-4215579   +86138-0474-9860
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Yi Huhe
Yi Huhe graduated from the Department of Photography, Beijing Film Academy having majored in Feature Films. But his passion for the industry started in 1976 when he turned his hand to be working as a messenger, a projectionist and even to photo-journalism. Following his graduation in August 1985 from the Beijing Film Academy he was assigned to the Inner Mongolia Film Studio in the capacity of cameraman for the Film Love Season in the same year.
Having been engaged in production of films and TV series for 31 years, he has shot nearly 30 films and over ten TV series, totaling 200 episodes. In 1997, he was promoted as the National First-level Photographer. His many excellent works include the films Warriors, The Sorrow Of Brook Steppe, National Anthem, and the TV series Whatever Zhang Damin's Happy Life and Sun Yat-sen.
On the 60th anniversary of the Beijing Film Academy in 2010, – well-known for producing numerous Chinese film experts – he won the “Excellent Graduate of Beijing Film Academy” in the arts section.
In 2013 he was elected as the representative of Inner Mongolia Film Association and was appointed as a member of the China Film Association.
In August 2015 he was appointed to the Evaluation Committee of the 30th China Golden Rooster Film Festival, and participated in the evaluation of over 300 national excellent films, an event which is held only once every two years.
Filmography as Director
Lao Liu’s Daughter (2016)
Memorial Award for New Films Exhibition, 25th Golden Rooster FF
Hundred Flowers FF 2016
Filmography as DOP
Days and Nights (2005)
Golden Balloon, Best Film Award, Festival of the 3 Continents
Nantes Award, Chinese directors
Best film Award, Youth Judges 2005 (as photography director)
Populus in Wind (2004)
First prize for short film,10th Courser Award for Chinese Minorities
Best Photography Award (2004) (as director and cameraman)
National Anthem (1999)
Excellent Feature Film Award, Ornamental Column Awards of China,1999
Best Feature Film Award, 23rd Hundred Flowers Award
Nomination for Best Feature Film, 19th Golden Rooster FF (as photography director)
Love in Sishuangbanna (1998)
Excellent film Award, 1998 Ornamental Column Awards of China (as photography director)
The Sorrow of Brook Steppe (1996)
Best Visual Effects Prize, San Sebastian Int. FF
Special Collective Performance Prize, 16th China Golden Rooster FF
Best Technology Prize 1996 Ornamental Column Awards of China
Audience Appreciation Effects Prize 1996 Beijing College Student FF (as the photography director)
Best Photography Prize 11th China Golden Rooster FF (as photography director)
Love Season
Nominated for Best Feature Film Ten-Year FF in the New Era of China (as photography director)
Leading Actor
Hao Wenting
Chinese Language graduate from Shanxi University; representative works: The Old Walled – Best feature film Lily Award; Liu’s Daughter – nominated for Excellent Film of China, Literature and Art Bureau of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the National Film Bureau in 2014. Also listed in the Excellent Films of China of the 25th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festivals and won prizes. Li Shuangliang (The determination to win victory and the courage to surmount every difficulty) was the opening film of the Tokyo International Film Festival.
Leslie Cheung
Graduated from Jinzhong Art School of Shanxi Province in 1965, majoring in the Song-and-dance Duets of Jin Drama; representative works: Liu’s Daughter, The Old Walled, Land Records, Shadow Play, Li Shuangliang (The determination to win victory and the courage to surmount every difficulty), Mountain Cry, Blossom, and Hawthorn.
Su Yujie
Graduated in 2008 in Specialty of Dramatic Performance of the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama; Mistake was listed in the 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival; other films: Millet is Harvesting, Life is Priceless, Chai Shengfang and A Bloody Fight Back.
Yang Genhe
National First-level Actor; Member of the China Film Association; member of Inner Mongolia Film Association; member of the Writers’ Association of Inner Mongolia; Representative works: Liu’s Daughter; Just Let it Be; The Village Head and His Villagers; The Story of the Village; Land Records – nominated Best Medium/small-cost Feature Film in the 30th China Golden Rooster FF; A Bloody Fight Back and Shadow Play; Just Let it Be – Five Top One Project Award in Inner Mongolia, and nominated Best Comedy Lily Award for the 10th Anniversary of Digital Films of the Film Channel; The Village Head And His Villagers, The Story of the Village and Shuangming’s Heart Knot  –  selected in the 19th and the 20th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festivals, joined the exhibition of Excellent National Films, and won the Excellent Memorial Award; The Story of the Village was recommended as one of the Excellent Films of China by the Literature and Art Bureau of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the National Film Bureau in 2011.