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Project Title: Great Cold
Completion Date: 2017-08-22
Release Date:
Running Time: 127min
Genre: Feature
Aspect Ratio:1:2.35
Color: Color & Black
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language: Chinese
Subtitle English & Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Zhang Yueping
[ Cast ]
Zhang Shuangbing  as  Zhang Shuangbing
Da Ni (old)  as Lu Yuan
Da Ni (young)  as Xu Wei
Er Ni  as  Li Ke
Liang Changgui  as  Luo Yongheng
Japanese Translator  as  He Jinxi
Jian Er  as  Zhang Jin
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Lv Pinpin , Pang Wei
Cinematographer: Meng Xiaoqing
Editor: Zhai Jinpeng
Production Designer:Hu Peng
Sound Director: Zhai Jinsong
Music: Wang Hui
Producer: Gao Wei
[ Production Company ]
Yangquan Radio and Television Media co. LTD Presents
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
[ Logline ]
This is a heartwarming story. The warmth is the kind you feel after going through a severe winter. The warmth is like the spring.
[ Story ]
Zhuang Shuangbing, a village teacher, has been looking for the comfort women who survived the WWII in China. He sued the Japanese government, asking them for a public apology and compensation. Cui Dani (a comfort woman) tries to melt the ice in her heart with her own body temperature in the many years waiting for her husband. Finally one day Cui said to her husband:”Baosheng, it’s spring. Don’t you feel it’s getting warm?” The spring means Cui finally found peace in her heart.
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
Yangquan Radio and Television Media co. LTD Presents
add:(地址)No.1, Ningbo Road, Development District, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, China
E-mail: (电子邮箱)
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Zhang Yueping
Zhang Yueping, male, was born in Apr 19th, 1959. He studied in the TV production department of the Communication University of China. He has been making documentaries, producing TV prorammes and entertainment shows for more than twenty years.
Documentary Series: The Soul of Shanxi
Documentary: Go to the West Gate
Documentary: Wait
Documentary: The Home, far way by the sea.
Great Cold

Leading Actor
Zhang Shuangbing as Zhang Shuangbing(饰演角色)(Special Appearance)
Zhang Shuangbing is a primary school teacher in Lijiazhuang Village, Xipan County, Yuxian, Shanxi Province. He spent 30 years visiting the 127 Chinese comfort women who survived in WWII, took them to Japan to sue the Japanese government for apologies and compensation for three times. But all these attempts have failed.
Gao Wei, male, was born in Oct 23rd, 1965. He graduated from the Broadcast and TV department of the Communication University Of China. He is the CEO of Yangquan Broadcast and TV Media Company. He has produced many documentaries, TV series and organized cultural events. A 4-episode documentary Da Pin, which is about the life of the old village Da Pin in Shanxi Province has won Gold Panda Award, a prestigious award in China.