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Project Title: Norjmaa
Completion Date: Jan 2014
Release Date:
Running Time: 1 hr 42 min
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 (16x9 VIDEO)
Color: Color
Screening Format:Secure Online Screener, DVD, DVD, BLU-RAY, BLU-RAY
Original Language: Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Bayaneruul
[ Cast ]
[ Crew ]
Screenplay: Bayaneruul
Cinematographer: Xirebdorj
Editor: Jianhua Zhang
Production Designer:Chog
Sound Director: Tong Enkehuu
Music: Meregjih
Producer: Batumengke

[ Production Company ]
Inner Mongolia Altan Argamj Culture Co., Ltd
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Inner Mongolia Altan Argamj Culture Co., Ltd
[ Logline ]
During WWII, two injured soldiers, one Japanese and one Russian, are rescued and nursed back to health by a Mongolian goat herder. Instead of cherishing their salvaged lives, the two men seek to murder each other at every opportunity, much to the horror of their kind-hearted saviour
[ Story ]
It is World War II and on a remote farmstead on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, an ageing goat herder (Norjmaa) lives alone in a land which has been evacuated by the local population fleeing from the fighting. One day, Norjmaa witnesses a battle raging nearby and later she finds two soldiers, one Japanese, one Russian, both badly injured and close to death. She takes them into her yurt and tends to their wounds, thereby saving their lives. However, as the two enemies begin to recuperate and regain their strength, each man seems to have only one thing on his mind - murdering the other. Norjmaa has her own personal reasons for hating the war. How can she make these men see reason when there only seems to be blind hatred in their hearts and none of the three can speak a word of the others' languages? 
In a series of flashbacks, we learn that Norjmaa has war wounds of her own in need of healing. Betrothed as a young woman to the dashing Hanggai, she has waited for decades for her lover to return from war. She has grown gray-haired living a solitary life tending her goats on the Hulunbuir grasslands, but she clings to the hope that one day Hanggai might return and that men might put aside the hatred and madness of war. 
Meanwhile Balgar, a childhood friend of Norjmaa's, has grown old himself, waiting for Norjmaa to give up on Hanggai and accept him as her husband. 
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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
Best Small Budget Film and Best Actress Award; The 30th Golden Rooter and Hundred Flowers Film Festival (2015):
Nominated for Best Small Budget Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Music; The 30th Golden Rooter and Hundred Flowers Film Festival (2015):
Best Film Award and Best Actress Award; The 33rd Fajr International Film Festival (2015):
Best Actress Award; The 1st International Festival of Motivational Cinema "Bridge of Arts" (2015):
Best Actress Award, Best Cinematography Award; The 3rd Yakutsk International Film Festival (2015):
Best Minority Film Award; The 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival (2014):
Special Jury Diploma; The 5th Transbaikalia International Film Festival(2015):
Excellent Project Award; The 12th Inner Mongolia Top 5 Art Projects (2014):
Best Film Award; The 2nd Goddess Art Film Festival (2015):
Presented at:
World Cinema section; The 16th Mumbai Film Festival (2014):
The 11th edition of Eurasia International Film Festival (2015)
Chinese New Film Section; 17th Shanghai International Film Festival (2014):
Official Selection; The 22nd Raindance Film Festival (2014):
Excellent Film Exhibition Section; Beijing International Film Festival (2014):
Minority Film Exhibition; The 23rd Golden Rooter and Hundred Flowers Film Festival (2014):
Recommended Chinese New Films Section; The 23rd Golden Rooter and Hundred Flowers Film Festival (2014):
Official selection; Chinese American Film Festival (2014):
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
Inner Mongolia Altan Argamj Culture Co., Ltd
add: The 5th Floor, Hongdu Building
Shiji 5th Road, Jinqiao Development Zone
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China 010010
tel:+86 13624813952
Genres: Feature
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Bayaneruul, Mongolian, was born in Ordos, Inner Mongolia of China on the 12th August, 1963. He graduated from the performing arts department of Shanghai Theatre Academy and the directing department of Beijing Film Academy. He has played leading roles in many Chinese TV series and films. Norjmaa is his first film.
Leading Actor
Urga (1990) Director: Nikita Mikhalkov
Golden Lion Award, Venice International Film Festival (1991)
Best Film Award, 4th European Film Festival (1993)
Nominee of Best Foreign Film Award, Oscar Academy (1992)
Jiruo and His Deer (1995) Director: Zhan Xiangchi
Best Film Award, 1st Tunisian International Youth Film Festival (1996)
Best Film Award and Children Jury Award, Cairo International Children's Film Festival (1997)
Journey to Western Xia Empire (1997) Director: Lu Wei
Special Jury Prize, 50th Locarno International Film Festival (1997)
Best Film Award, 1st Turkish International Film Festival (1998)
Outstanding Production Prize, the 13th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (1998)
Best Debut Director, the 17th Golden Rooster Award (1997)
Being a Mongolian himself and based in Inner Mongolia, Batumengke’s productions focus on the life and history of Mongolian people. Among the TV series he has produced, A Mongolian Wedding has won multiple awards in China. Norjmaa is his first film as producer.