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Project Title: Fall Of Ming
Completion Date:
Release Date: 2013-10-25
Running Time: 115min
Genre: Feature
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Color: Color
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language:Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Jing Wang
[ Cast ]
Yuanzheng Feng as Youke Wu
Li-jen Tai(Taiwan) as Chuanting Sun
Bo Feng as Feng Shi
Yang Yang as Yunshu Zhao
Shaoqun Yu as Emperor Chongzhen
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Xiaodong Xie, Rongyang Zhou
Cinematographer: Younian Liu
Editor: Weng Feng
Production Designer: Hao Bai
Sound Director: Jian Hao
Music: Friedemann Matzeit (Greman)
Producer: Xiaodong Xie
[ Production Company ]
China Central Television Station-Movie Channel
Jiangsu Massway Film Investment Co., Ltd
Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio(Group)
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Jiangsu Massway Film Investment Co., Ltd
[ Logline ]
[ Story ]
In 1642, that is, the 15th year of the Chongzhen era of the Ming Dynasty, a plague was raging throughout the country. Meanwhile, Li Zicheng was attacking Kaifeng. The Ming Dynasty was thus threatened by both internal and external dangers. Sun Chuanting, a Ming general, pledged to fight to the death in defending the country against Li Zicheng’s army, while Wu Youke, a roving doctor, was determined to conquer the plague.
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
Jiangsu Massway Film Investment Co., Ltd
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Jing Wang was born in Jiangsu Province in 1966 and graduated from the Department of Cinematography of Beijing Film Academy. He is now a professor and postgraduate tutor of the department and is also known as an actor from Chinese mainland. His book Six Lectures on Documentary Creation was published in January 2014
Fall of Ming (2013)
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Mingyi Guo (2011)
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Vegetate (2010), a feature film winning the Media Award in the New Chinese Film Panorama of the 13th Shanghai International Film & TV Festival
Invisible Killer (2009), a suspense film nominated for China Movie Channel Media Award of the 12th Shanghai International Film & TV Festival
The End of Year (2007)
The Last Level (2004), a feature film selected into Italy Far East Film Festival
Life with Noodles (1997), a television film bringing Jing Wang the Best Television Film Director Award of the 11th Beijing College Student Film Festival
Xiaodong Xie graduated from the Department of Chemistry of Peking University and then went abroad for further study. After returning to China, he established his own film company and started his filmmaking career.
Film title  (year)
Fall of Ming (2013)
Vegetate (2010)
Winning the 7th China Movie Channel Media Award for Best Screenwriter in the 13th Shanghai International Film & TV Festival in 2010
Nominated for the 11th Chinese Film Media Award for Best Screenwriter in 2011
Invisible Killer (2009)
Nominated for the Best Screenwriter Award of the 1st Macau International Movie Festival in 2009
Dream Team (2008)
The End of Year (2007) (written by Xiaodong Xie)
Ownership (2007)