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Project Title:BREATHING
Completion Date: 2017
Release Date:2017
Running Time: 102min
Genre: Crime
Aspect Ratio:1:2.35
Color: color
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language: Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Haolun Fan
[ Cast ]
Haolun Fan as Police
Jing Ke as Wang Nan
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Haolun Fan
Editor: Cui Xiangkun
Production Designer:Liu Weidong
Sound Director: Yu Yongqi
Producer: Haolun Fan
[ Production Company ]
Xi'an Huasong Film Culture Media Co., Ltd.
[ Distributor ]
Sayinayi media & communication Co. Ltd
[ Production Studio ]
Xi'an Huasong Film Culture Media Co., Ltd.
[ Logline ]
A multiple meaning redemption, the return of human nature of the reasoning drama
[ Story ]
Wang Nan, who is constantly under domestic violence,decides to escape from her malicious husband with her daughter Xiaoyu to a new town.However,just when new life is about to start ,Xiaoyu is kidnapped by human traffickers.Wang Nan,who sneaks back to her old place to look for Xiaoyu,encounters her husband again.During her attempt to escape,she accidentally kills him.Wang Nan runs away, and along with the help of local police,are able to finally find the hiding place for the human traffickers,rescuing other abducted children,but her own daughter has already been sold to other provinces.She finds herself devastated under the crime of killing her husband as well as losing her beloved child.
[ Official Site ]
[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
7th Beijing International Film Festival/Nominated films
2016 Marianas International Film Festival/Nominated films
4th Vancouver Chinese Film Festival/Best Feature Film/Best Director/Best Female Actor/Best Cinematographer
2016 Canada China International Film Festival/Nominated films
2016 South American La Paz International Film Festival/Best Mandarin film
25th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival/Excellent new film
13th Guangzhou College student film festival/Best Feature Film/Best Director/Best Female Actor
24th Beijing College Student Film Festival/Opening film
[ Countries / regions that have been sold ]
[ Contact (International) ] Terry T.Chor
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Xi'an Huasong Film Culture Media Co., Ltd.
add: C 3001 Wanda Plaza Tongzhou Dist., Beijing, China
tel:+86 18211088807

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Haolun Fan
I was born in 1980, an ordinary family ,in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.
I graduated from high school in 1998, and didn’t choose to go to college, but with my own music dream, I came to Beijing the city which I yearned for.
In 1999, I had to come back to my hometown Shijiazhuang to re-start school for some reason, then I became a student of computer science in a college.In the same year ,I opened a little bar near the school.I started a band, and a business. I was only 19 years old ,and that year I also experienced many problems about society and myself.
In 2001,I transferred the bar to my classmate and went to Beijing where I was admitted to the college class of The Central Academy Of Drama. After graduation, along with lots of other young faces, I became one of the “Beijinger-wannabe”. And my career did not really take off until 2009 , and I acted in several popular TV series in mainland Chinese, such as ,"Cover", "Ru Yi", "Fire Blue Blade" and so on .
In 2014,I began writing my first director works "breathing".
Leading Actor
JINGKE as Wang Nan
 New Shaolin Temple
 Happiness cost
"Ding-jun-shan" ——Organizing committee awards of the
fourteenth College Students' Film Festival
" Cost of Happiness ” ——the best Digital Film Award nomination of the 2009 eighteenth  Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival