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  • 《小镇人家》海报
  • 《小镇人家》剧照1
  • 《小镇人家》剧照2
  • 《小镇人家》剧照3
Project Title:A Small Town Home
Completion Date:2017
Release Date:
Running Time: 38 mins
Genre: Documentary
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Screening Format:HD
Original Language: Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Xia Fan
[ Cast ]
[ Staff ]
Cinematographer: Zhang Xiao
Editor: Zhang Xiao
Production Designer:
Sound Director:
Producer: Zhang Xiao
[ Production Company ]
Xia Fan Studio
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Xia Fan Studio
[ Logline ]
[ Story ]
In the 1980s, when coking coal was found at the foot of Gujiao Town, Shanxi Province, the isolated town all of sudden was burst with life. Roads and railways were built. The town was upgraded into a city. The city was filled with coalmine bosses. Hummers were the most common wedding cars. In 2006,  the government banned all the privately-owned mines and closed them all. The young people have left Gujiao for better opportunities in big cities and Gujiao is left with old people. Gujiao City has become Gujiao District of Taiyuan. Only during the Chinese New Year, when the young people return for the festival, Gujiao has some life in it. My grandma died in the New Year.
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Presented at NEW ERA Film Festival
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[ Contact (International) ] Zhang Xiao
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Yimai Pangu Films
add:Room 302, Unit 4, Building 11, Lishuiyuan, Changping District, Beijing
tel:+86 18901163307
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Xia Fan graduated from Beijing Normal University and Beijing Film Academy.
A Small Town Home (2017) 
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