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  • 单声海报小
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Project Title:Dr. Chan Cheng
Completion Date:2017-5-31
Release Date:2017-11-15
Running Time: 86min
Genre: Documentary
Aspect Ratio:1:1.85
Color: Color
Screening Format:DCP
Original Language:Chinese
Subtitle English
[ Directed by ] : Jianya Zhang
[ Cast ]
Sheng Shan  as  Chan Cheng
[ Staff ]
Cinematographer: Shenfeng Jiang
Editor: Yunfan Lu / Yukun Shen
Production Designer:
Sound Director: Yushen You(Taiwan) / Yiwei Chen(Taiwan)
Music: Howie.B
Producer: Wenjian Ding / Zhaoliang Qin
[ Production Company ]
Taizhou Liangrun Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Co-Production: Shanghai Liangrun Entertainment Co.,Ltd
[ Distributor ]  CMIDB
[ Production Studio ]
Taizhou Liangrun Entertainment Co.,Ltd
[ Logline ]
The film records the personal experience of Dr. Chan Cheng, covering his childhood, his business adventures and his charity projects after his retirement. His contribution to the preservation of Chinese heritage and his advocacy of China’s unification shows his love and devotion to his motherland.
[ Story ]
Surrounding an account of his biography and major feats, the film unfolds a kaleidoscope of his story encompassing his adolescence, passionate middle-age period and limpid late years in parallel with the context of the old and new China, as well as that of the new age of opening and reform, making a portrayal of a person of noble spirit characterized by patriotism, charity, enthusiasm in education enterprise and earnest advocacy of China’s unification, as manifested in his unique life experience and resonating with his personal charisma. The film takes a unique perspective and meticulous approach in delineating the distinct life experience and spiritual world of a figure with unusual clout in this world.
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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
The 13rd Chinese American Film Festival 2017 -Selected in Golden Angel Awards
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[ Contact (International) ]
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Taizhou Liangrun Entertainment Co.,Ltd
tel:+86 135 8183 5805
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Zhang Jianya, male, born in 1951, a fifth generation director in China, Vice President of China Directors’ Association, President of Shanghai Film Society. After graduated from Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy in 1982, he has since directed movies including “Mr. Wang’s Burning Desire”, “Narrow Escape”, “Crash Landing”, “Red Snow”, “Call for Love” and “Hsue-shen Tsien”, and TV plays like “The Rise of Tang Empire” and “Journey to the West”. He garnered the Chinese Children’s Film “Cub Cow Award” for Best Director and Chinese Film “Golden Rooster Award” for Best Director with “Sanmao Joins the Army”.
Sanmao Joins the Army
Narrow Escape
Red Snow
The Rise of the Tang Empire
Call for Love
Hsue-shen Tsien
Tel:+8613581835805  E-mail:
Wenjian Ding
In 2013, he produced “My Running Shadow” which won over twenty awards in China and abroad including Golden Rooster Award and Huabiao Award, and makes the only film of Jiangsu province winning Golden Rooster Award and Huabiao Award in the past few years
In 2013, “Fall of Ming” won Golden Angel Award in Chinese American Film Festival and Film Channel Chinese Film Lily Award, and was nominated for Media Award in Shanghai Film Festival
Zhaoliang Qin
 “Paliang” was nominated for “Mountain Flowers Award” for “Best Folklore Video Feature” in 2015 China Folk Culture Festival.
Huabiao Award and Golden Rooster Award winner “My Running Shadow” was released overseas and introduced in film festivals.