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Project Title:Panda Ming 
Completion Date: 2018
Release Date:
Running Time:87min
Genre: feature, Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1:2.39
Color: Color
Screening Format: DCP-4K 3D
Original Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English & Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Luping Deng
[ Cast ]
Alice: Kang Xinyu
Stanley: Jin Yangming (USA)
Tong Liu: He Yuxiang
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Luping Deng
Production Designer: Xiaohan Li, Sifan Chen
Sound Director:
Music: Kiyoshi Yoshida
Producer: Cherry Woo
[ Production Company ]
Sichuan Golden Tianfu Media Co.,Ltd.
Co-Production:Sichuan Nine Fire Film Culture Communication Co.,Ltd.
              & Sichuan Nine Forest Investment Co.,Ltd.
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Sichuan Golden Tianfu Media Co.,Ltd.
[ Logline ]
In WWII, the panda Ming was smuggled to the UK and it turned to the spiritual idol of the British people in their fights against the Nazis.
[ Story ]
In the 1930s, when the first panda specimen was exhibited in the West, it quickly started a panda-hunting competition. The bounty hunter Stanley came all the way to Sichua, China, but he couldn’t catch a panda. The local hunter Bo San was cheated by the greedy restaurant owner Tong Liu and lost his house. Out of choice, Bo San joined the hunting. A baby panda was caught and named Ming. He was smuggled to the Royal Zoo in the UK. Since then, Ming set on an adventurous journey of escape.
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
tel: +86 028-86131386
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Luping Deng,
Luping Deng, male, was born in Oct 20th, 1969. He graduated from China Youth University of Political Studies. He is a famous producer, event planner, screenwriter and director. He organized the 2009 Bird’s Nest Concert and is the PR manager of Fan Bingbing and many other celebrities.
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TV Series: The Young Couple
TV Series: If I hadnt loved you
As the producer and director of the film
Panda Ming
Tel:+86  028-86131386

Cherry Woo, female, was born in Apr 7th, 1990. She graduated from Chengdu University of Information Technology and is now the vice-president of Sichuan Shengshitianfu Media Co., Ltd.
tel:+86 18583960161