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Project Title:Salvation / Zheng Jiu
Completion Date: May, 2017
Release Date:
Running Time: 29min21sec
Genre:Short, Darma
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Color: Color
Screening Format:DVD/DCP/Digital
Original Language: Bosnian
Subtitle English
[ Directed by ] : Orkenbek Baysenbay
[ Cast ]
Armin Omerovic   as   Faruk
Emina Muftic     as   Fatima
Pavle Kujundzic   as   Ivan
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Orkenbek Baysenbay
Cinematographer: Jianeng Li
Editor: Chao Tian
Production Designer: Vedran Hrustanovic
Sound Director: Yunhao Zhu
Music: Wei Wang
Producer: Vicky Luo
[ Production Company ]
Beijing Kuangchao Shengshi Film Co., Ltd
[ Distributor ] N/A
[ Production Studio ]
Beijing Kuangchao Shengshi Film Co., Ltd
[ Logline ]
[ Story ]
Faruk and Ivan were good friends. Faruk is Bosnian and Ivan is Serbian. The day before the Bosnian war, Faruk’s father was killed by some Serbian extremists because of Ivan. So the relationship between Faruk and Ivan was broken. And Ivan left Faruk and aunt Fatima.
The story happens in a week before the signing of Dayton Agreement, there is a black convertible slowly driving at night in a Bosnian residential area. There is a child waiting for his parents, a mom Fatima who lost her husband and her son Faruk who lost his father. Their life has been changed when a Serbian young man Ivan suddenly comes back and intrudes in. However, it is not until that mysterious black convertible enters here that everyone realizes the crisis is just on.
Ivan finally has a difficult choice to decide. He wants to save both his aunt and his old friend but just one can be saved. Why such a situation? How will Ivan decide?
 At last, Fatima commits suicide to save her son Faruk and Ivan. However, when Ivan wants to stop extremists to save his old friend Faruk, he is killed by Bosnian army accidentally. And who asks Bosnian army for help to save the Bosnian residential area? It’s the Serbian child.
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[ Contact (International) ] Luo Wenqing
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Orkenbek Baysenbay
tel: +86 13263297001
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Orkenbek Baysenbay, a Kazak, was born in February 1991. He graduated from the Directing Department of Central Academy of Drama and took a one-year directing course in Beijing Film Academy in 2017. He is a screenplay writer, actor and director. He is good at suspense, crime, and thriller genres in terms of writing.

Filmography as a director:
Short film: Salvation (2017)
Public service Advertisement: Care the Lonely Seniors (2013)

Filmography as a screenplay writer:
Stage play: Salvation (2014)
Stage play: Duan Pian (2013)

Work in progress:
Theater release film: Hunting (suspense, road, crime)
Theater release film: Wan Xiao (suspense, thriller and campus)
Online film: Home
Online film: Lingyue Mansion
Tel: +86 13263297001   E-mail: