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Project Title: The Blizzard
Completion Date:October 2017
Release Date: Time Provisional
Running Time:96 mins
Genre: Criminal Suspense Type
Aspect Ratio: 1:2.35
Color: Colour
Screening Format:DCP
Original Language:Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Jiang Kaiyang
[ Cast ]
Nie Yuan as Song Chao
Tan Kai as Liu Haiyang
Xu Lu as Chu Jie
Yu Mingjia as Hu Ziwei
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Jiang Kaiyang
Cinematographer: Kim Gitae
Editor: Zhou Ying
Production Designer: Lee Hyunchu
Sound Director: Ding Yeheng
Music: Yang Sili
Producer: Jiang Kaiyang
[ Production Company ]
Huoxiang(Shanghai)Film and Television Culture Development Co.,Ltd
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Maxfilm Beijing Culture Media Co.,Ltd
[ Logline ] Maxfilm Beijing Culture Media is a full-process film and television technology service company with international vision, high-end technology and rich practical experience.
[ Story ]
The film "The Blizzard" tells the student who was expelled from the police school, Song Chao, was involved in "killing the police" and "absconding with the crime", because of the honor to save the brother's return to his hometown. And a policeman Liu Haiyang, holding the hate of "patricide" after Song Chao, not only found that he and his wife Chu Jie have secretly connection, in police chase, in the process of the dark forces counter attacked revealed a deal! Good and evil, confusing and confusing, but ring in the loop, finally the story of the victory of justice.
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
Huoxiang(Shanghai)Film and Television Culture Development Co.,Ltd
add: 2511, block b, building 2, apple community, baizi bay, chaoyang district, Beijing
tel: 86 15210765667
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Jiang Kaiyang, graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy
, director of Chinese national drama institute, Chinese drama director committee member, China stage artists association, member of Chinese writers association. Character and influenced by time, it possesses the feelings of the personal heroism and romantic, warm and deep, sensitive and subtle, early through the brush to express inner thought, held three times a one-man show of the mid - ninety - s, at home and abroad to attend exhibitions and various art activities for many times, work has been more than 50 media coverage at home and abroad, popular collection agencies and people from all walks of life both at home and abroad. After taking the camera and trying to record the present in a real and objective way, in two years in Africa, Jiang used the brush and image to record the amorous feelings of another land. 1997, Jiang Kaiyang began in a different way of art -- writing as The expression of The inner world, starting in 1999, successively published novels "just happened" "breathing The shorter, The happy" "never forgive" , "The undercover “(vol. 1, 2), etc., and thus enter The script and director, has directed a screenplay TV series" just happened "," on your marks"
In 2013,won the best new director award in the 9th sino-american film festival .
In 2013, The first Los Angeles international TV festival director, outstanding Chinese academy award, super network drama "good bye",
In 2015,won the 11th sino-american film festival new media drama outstanding works award.
With the visual art short film "Chinese harmony",
In 2015, won the silver award for the visual works of the international modern art biennale in Florence, Italy.
tel:+86 18611281868