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  • 《搞定女神的N种魔法》海报2
  • 《搞定女神的N种魔法》剧照2
  • 《搞定女神的N种魔法》剧照3
  • 《搞定女神的N中魔法》剧照1
Project Title: Get the Goddess of the N Kinds of Magic
Completion Date: Dec/2016
Release Date: Aug/1/2017
Running Time: 100mins
Aspect Ratio:  1:2.35
Color: Color
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language: Chinese
[ Directed by ] :  Xia Fan
[ Cast ]
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Zhou Ying and Song Jian
Cinematographer: Wang Dafeng
Editor:  Zhang Xiao
Production Designer:  Hou Sen
Sound Director: Wang Kexin
Music:  Xia Fan
Producer: Song Jian
[ Production Company ]
Shandong Maige Media
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Shandong Maige Media
[ Logline ]
[ Story ]
17-year-old high school girl Han Youye has a broken family. In her 18-year-old birthday party she found her parents’ divorce agreement, then she made a wish the angel that the angle could save the broken relationship of her parents. The next day, when she woke up, she found  she became her father. Being clever and intelligent, Han Youye decided to take advantage of this opportunity to help her father in his job, so that their family can be back on track. But things are getting out of control…
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Presented at New Era Film Festival
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[ Contact (International) ] Zhang Xiao
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Shandong Maige Media
add:Room 302, Unit 4, Building 11, Lishuiyuan, Changping District, Beijing
Tel:+86 18901163307
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Xia Fan graduated from Beijing Normal University and Beijing Film Academy.
Get the Goddess of the N Kinds of Magic (2016)
Streaking Era and Love Game (2016)