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Project Title: My Running Shadow
Completion Date: June 2013
Release Date: January 16th 2018
Running Time: 92mins
Genre: Feature、Drama
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85
Color: Color
Screening Format:
Original Language: Chinese

[ Directed by ] : Gangliang Fang
[ Cast ]
Jingchu Zhang  as  Guifang Tian
Zhaofeng Li  as  Young Xiuzhi
Pinxu Long  as Little Xiuzhi
Tonghui Wang  as Yahui Li
Guoqiang Zhang (Hongkong)  as Father
Haiyan Wu  as Grandmother
Ruolin Wu  as Qi Yuan
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Shu Shu
Cinematographer: Wei Xu
Editor: Yiran Tu
Production Designer: Feng Yuan
Sound Director: Siming Qi
Music: Peng Dou
Producer: Wenjin Ding

[ Production Company ]
Jiangsu Massway Film Investment Co.,Ltd
Guodong Southern Lead TV& Flim Communcation Co., Ltd
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Jiangsu Massway Film Investment Co.,Ltd
[ Logline ]
This film focuses on those with Asperger's syndrome (mild autism). The story is about a single mother, Tian Guifang, raising her son Xiuzhi who is with Asperger's.

[ Story ] 200 English words
Xiuzhi is a math genius, but also a "problem child" in teachers' eyes in the kindergarten. Xiuzhi thinks his mother is poor in math, but she can fix every trouble he makes in the kindergarten. He can easily understand how ants remember their way home, but he can never explain how his mother manages to find him from where he was hidden. What other interesting stories can we see in the film between a genius with Asperger's and his shadow-like mother?

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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
The 29th Golden Rooster Awards
Best Film for Children
Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role: Zhang Jingchu
Nominated for Best Screenplay: Shu Shu
The 16th Shanghai International Film & TV Festival Press Prize
Best Director (Press Prize): Fang Gangliang
Nominated for Best Feature
Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Press Prize): Zhang Jingchu
Nominated for Best New Actor (Press Prize): Long Pinxu
Nominated for Best Screenplay (Press Prize): Shu Shu
Nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Press Prize): Li Zhaofeng
The 12th China International Children's Film Festival
Award for Best Children's Feature
The 15th China Huabiao Film Awards
Outstanding Children's Film
The 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival
Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role: Zhang Jingchu
Nominated for Award for Artistic Contribution
Nominated for Best New Artist: Long Pinxu
Listed in The 50th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
International Film Exhibition
China Film Director's Guild Award
Listed in Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress of the Year
1st Vancouver Chinese Film Festival and 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival (Canadian Session)
Second Place for Best Film of Maple Leaf Award
The First Movie Awards in Jiangsu
Special Committee Award
Xia Yan Film Scripts Award
First Prize in Script
Berlin International Film Festival Asian Film Exhibition
Tokyo International Children's Film Festival
The 4th Beijing International Film Festival Film Panorama
The 6th Annual Cross-Strait Film Exhibition (Taiwan)
Yungching Charity Foundation "The World" Film Exhibition (Taiwan)
The 4th Silk Road International Film Festival Film Panorama (China)
Hiyoshi Film Festival (Japan)
The 33rd Fajr International Film Festival (Iran)
Book Exposition of American Chinese Film Exhibition
The 4th Festival of Chinese Film in France (12 films selected and presented by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC) 
China Image Film Festival (UK)
The 7th Screenout Film Exhibition (Guangzhou)
The Times of India Film Awards Film Panorama (India)
"Beijing Film Panorama"
Hangzhou Asian Film Festival
Chinese Young Generation Film Forum (Beijing)
Cartagena International Film Festival Children's Film Exhibition (Columbia)
China Independent Film Festival Film Exhibition
Best Works Award (Jiangsu Province)
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[ Contact (International) ]
Copyright of the film belongs to:
Jiangsu Massway Film Investment Co.,Ltd
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Supplementary materials
Gangliang Fang,was born 1972, Beijing film academy,Director,Beijing film academy teachers, member of Chinese film directors association.
2001 "could"
2004 "the way to school"
The 24th China golden rooster award for best directorial debut, best screenplay, best child's award.
The 8th Shanghai international film festival newcomer "nomination in Asia.
The 12th Beijing university student film festival nominated for best director, best directorial debut。
The fifth session of the kwangju international film festival best youth director nomination
2008 "looking for Jackie chan"
In 2012, "my shadow on the run"
Media the 16th Shanghai international film festival awards for best director, and best picture and so on six nominations
The 29th China golden rooster award for best film for children, and best actress three apiece
The 15th China ornamental column of radio, film and television awards outstanding children's picture.
The fifth China film directors association commendation congress annual actress and so on six nominations.
Wenjian Ding, In 2013, he produced My Running Shadow which won over twenty awards in China and abroad including Golden Rooster Award and Huabiao Award, and makes the only film of Jiangsu province winning Golden Rooster Award and Huabiao Award in the past few years.
In 2013, Fall of Ming won Golden Angel Award in Chinese American Film Festival and Film Channel Chinese Film Lily Award, and was nominated for Media Award in Shanghai Film Festival.