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  • 过昭关
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Completion Date:2018.4
Release Date:N/V
Running Time:94min
Genre: Feature
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Screening Format:HD
Original Language:Chinese
[ Directed by ] : Meng Huo
[ Cast ]
Taiyi Yang as Fuchang Li
Yunhu Li as Yuning Li
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Meng Huo
Cinematographer: Wang Zhuo
Editor: Meng Huo
Production Designer: Yang Gaowei
Sound Director: Li Tao
Music: Meng Huo
Producer:Meng Huo
[ Production Company ]
Wuxi Picturesque Landscape Film and Culture Co. Ltd
Zhong Sheng Chuang Xin (Beijing) Culture Communication Media Co., Ltd.
 [ Distributor ] CMIDB
 [ Production Studio ]
Wuxi Picturesque Landscape Film and Culture Co. Ltd

 [ Logline ]
Life is a dangerous adventure.Everyone has to go through their own "ZHAOGUAN"
[ Story ]
During the summer vacation, Ningning, a seven years old boy, was sent back to the countryside to be taken care of by his 70-year-old grandfather named li fuchang. Li fuchang accidentally got an old friend's contact information,he learned that his old friend had suffered a stroke and was dying. He decided to ride a motorbike with his grandson, and visit his old friends thousands of miles away. On the way, they met a frustrated young man, a grumpy middle-aged trucker and lonely old beekeeper. In contact with these people, the grandfather and grandson conducted a philosophical dialogue on death and memory.
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[ Countries / regions that have been sold ]N/V
[ Contact (International) ]CMIDB
Copyright of the film belongs to: Wuxi Picturesque Landscape Film and Culture Co. Ltd

Tel:+86 18600260205

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Meng Huo
He graduated from communication university of China, and now he is a writer, director, independent producer, and a shining light of the new generation of directors.
The short film "hongguang holiday" won the best short film of the Beijing college students film festival, and he began to write independently in recent years.

 “Hongguang’s Holiday” won the 15th Beijing University Student Film Festival’s best short film and the 3th Asian Youth Video Exhibition’s excellent film in 2008.
“My Best Friends” was shortlisted for the 7th Macau International film festival in 2015.