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  • 《父亲的卡车》海报-RGB-02
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Project Title: Pick-up Life
Completion Date: May 2018
Release Date:
Running Time: 100 mins
Genre: Drama, Feature
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Color: color
Screening Format:
Original Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English
[ Directed by ] : Hu Yaodong
[ Cast ]
Chen Shuiqing as Gan Wentian
Wang Hanbo as Gan Wenmo
Chen Chunsheng as Lao Xiao
Mao Linkai as Leng Hou
Wang Baojun as Fu Congming
Wang Jiali as Teacher Lv
Wang Bo as Hong Ye
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Hu Yaodong
Cinematographer: Zhang Haijiang, Liu Jie
Editor: Zhang Yue, Kong Xiangbao
Production Designer: Xu Yibin
Sound Director: Geng Liang
Music: Liu Sijin
Producer: Li Shiqing
[ Production Company ]  China Youth New Power Pictures
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ] China Youth New Power Pictures
[ Story ]
Lao Gan and his son were nervous, living in straitened circumstances and losing their living tools, trucks. In the course of tortuous search, the relationship between father and son was gradually integrated, and finally victory against the evil forces of Hongye and then moved towards new life.
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Li Shiqing
Copyright of the film belongs to: China Youth New Power Pictures
Tel: +86 18901126052
Supplementary materials:
Director: Hu Yaodong
Tel: +86 15910753806,+86 18931646025  E-mail:
Producer: Li Shiqing
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Tel: +86 18901126052