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Project Title: The Fading Village
Completion Date: July 2018
Release Date:
Running Time: 153 mins
Genre: Documentary
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Color: color
Screening Format: DCP
Original Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English
[ Directed by ] : Liu Feifang
[ Cast ]
Hou Junli as Hou Junli
Liu Sanlong as Liu Sanlong
Liu Guoping as Liu Guoping
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Liu Feifang, Miao Ruwen
Cinematographer: Liu Feifang, Zheng Jiaming
Editor: Guo Hengqi
Production Designer:
Sound Director:
Zeng Lifan, Wang Leqi
Music: Duan Yutong
Producer: Liu Guanming
[ Production Company ]
Shanghai Haojin Films Center, Shanghai Yingrun Culture and Media Co., Ltd
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
Shanghai Yingrun Culture and Media Co., Ltd
[ Logline ]
In a small village in north Shanxi Province, China, Hou Junli, who relies on raising sheep for a living, is the only young man in the village. He, faced with the lonely life in the village and the temptations from the outside world, is struggling to make a choice.
[ Story ]
Hou Junli is the only young man in the village. He relies on raising sheep for a living. The 82-year-old Liu Sanlong is a peasant who has farmed all his life. Liu Guoping and his family were the first to leave the village to work in the capital city Taiyuan. They have lived in the city for more than twenty years. By showing the living conditions, customs and farming practices in the village and different life styles of the three people, the film tells the stories of peasants facing the changes in China's social transformation.
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Copyright of the film belongs to: Shanghai Haojin Films Center
add: Room 103, No.115 Anhua Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 17317625900
Supplementary materials:

Liu Feifang (Liu Guanming) was born in Yuanping, Shanxi Province. He graduated from the cinematography department of Meishi Film College, Chongqing University.
Short: Big Potatoes (2010)
Short: Pink Flowers (2008)
Filmography as cameraman:
Short: Backpack (2013)
Ghost Capital (2009)
Documentary: Oasis in the Dessert (2008)
Best Documentary Award, Youth Film Section, First Film Festival
Tel: +86 17717393442