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  • 大光明正式海报
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Project Title: Mato Twilight
Completion Date: 2017.7
Release Date:
Running Time:21min50sec
Genre: short
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Color: color
Screening Format:HD
Original Language: Chinese
Subtitle English
[ Directed by ] : Peiyan Tang
Co-director: Uchiya Emi
[ Cast ]
Qun Tang  as  Ms. Yang
Xiaolu Xu  as  Chen
Jinsong Wang  as  Director Wang
Guoqing Chen  as  Old Qiao
[ Staff ]
Screenplay:)Peiyan Tang
Cinematographer: Ran Chai
Editor:Yuan Fang
Production Designer: Shuai Li
Sound Director: Ying Zhou
Music: Simon Gu
Unit Production Manager: Chunpeng Li
Adviser:(Jing Wang/Jinsong Wang
[ Production Company ]
[ Distributor ]CMIDB
[ Production Studio ]
[ Logline ]
Give Life Back to Music
[ Story ]
Ms Yang, the retired music teacher, has a conflict with her tenant Chen, because she asks Chen to move away as quickly as possible, so that her son will have a room to stay. While Chen also has some troubles in her work, nonetheless, she finds that Ms Yang might be able to help her. At this moment, Ms Yang is informed that her son is not coming back home...
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[ Film Festivals, Awards ]
Best Shorts Competition 2017 Sep
Award of Merit: Film Short (Student)
Award of Merit: Asian (Student)
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
Peiyan Tang
Short film
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Tang Peiyan, graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2015, now doing the MFA in Peking University.
Mato Twilight is the first film of the director.
Tel:+86 15010998987