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Project Title: Scence
Completion Date: 2017.7
Release Date:
Running Time:20min
Genre: short Film
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screening Format:HD
Original Language:Chinese
Subtitle English
[ Directed by ] : Tie Li
[ Cast ]
Xiao Hei  as  Zhao
Shu Shang  as  Qian
[ Staff ]
Screenplay: Tie Li
Cinematographer:Peizhang Wang
Editor: Tie Li
Production Designer: Jiayi Wang
Sound Director: Erhu Li
Music: Shu Shang
Producer: Tie Li
[ Production Company ]
Giant Wings Culture Co..Lid;LuXun Academy of fine Arts
[ Distributor ]
[ Production Studio ]
[ Logline ]
The harder fact than death is the misunderstanding about being alive.
[ Story ]
After the Spring New Year, the caretaker Xiao Zhao takes a 7 day leave to go to his hometown and to prepare the funeral of his dying father. These seven days is the last few days Xiao Zhao can spend with his father. Xiao Zhao’s father also realizes that it would be the best if he could die within the seven days.
After his visit, Xiao Zhao returns to the city to carry on looking after Grandpa Qian who is a vegetable. Xiao Zhao has done this job for 18 years. Grandpa Qian’s only grandson Xiao Qian is lost in his life and stuck between music and reality. Because of his abundant pension, Grandpa seems to realize that he can’t die. His grandson’s welfare depends on his life.
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Copyright of the film belongs to:
Tie Li
add: 409-11 Shengli South Street, Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China
tel:+86 13940510490    
Short film
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Li Tie,Born on 7th Dec.,1987, Tieling, Liaoning province.
2003-2006 study in attached middle school of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
2006-2007 repeat classes
2007-2011 study in film and photographic major in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, undergraduate
2011-2014 work
2014-2017 study in film and photographic major in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts,postgraduate
2017, 《Scence》20 minutes, short colorful melodrama, (adaptor, director)
2015, 《Grandpa’s letter》10 minutes, short colorful melodrama, (adaptor, cameraman)
2014, 《Xiao Si》3 minutes, short colorful melodrama, (adaptor, director, editor)
2012, 《The eighth victim》3 minutes, short colorful melodrama, (adaptor, director, editor)
2011, 《Sun》 work of undergraduate, 60 minutes, colorful melodrama, (adaptor, director, editor)
Tel:+86 13940510490